Spotting Chemical

Drill Spot is a free flowing concentrated powder formulated to make an oil base spotting mud. This spotting mud releases the stuck drill string and stops the migration of spot away from the stuck interval. Drill Spot can be mixed to prepare spotting mud of weight up to 18 ppg by using the given table.

Oxidized asphalt, organophilic clay, lubricants, high molecular weight fatty acids, emulsion stabilizers and surfactants are blended to Drill Spot to extricate severely stuck pipes.

Spotting fluids made by Drill Spot, when placed opposite the area of stuck pipe functions in duel way (i) it penetrates the mud cake, disintegrates it, equalizing the differential pressure hence stuck pipe is released, (ii) provides lubrication between drill string and mud cake resulting in increased mobility of drill string

Material Requirement For Making 100 Barrels Of DRILL SPOT
Water Barite
Mud Weight Drill Spot Diesel
(ppg) (Barrels) (100 lbs sacks)
7.7 160 5 75 0
9 160 4 70 70
10 160 4 70 125
11 155 4 65 175
12 150 4 65 230
13 140 4 60 285
14 130 4 60 340
15 115 3 55 390
16 105 3 55


17 95 3 50 500
18 90 3 50 560
Physical Properties


Dark gray free flowing powder

Specific Gravity

1.18 – 1.26 g/cc Approx.

pH (2% solution)

11 Approx.


Hazard Identification
  • Non-hazardous to living organism and environment in small quantities.

  • May cause irritation in case of contact with human skin.

  • Not for human use

Drill Spot does not have a restricted classification for transportation by regulatory agencies. It is a non-combustible product.

Spilled material may cause slipping. It can be washed with a stream of water. 
First Aid
On Skin contact: Wash with plenty of water and soap On contact with eyes: immediately wash affected eyes under running water and consult an eye specialist.

Drill Spot should be stored in a clean and dry environment.

25 Kg 3-ply paper sacks with polyethylene inner lining.