Pipe Release Agent

Drill Freeä is an oil soluble anionic surface active agent with long chain fatty acid. It is very effective for release of stuck pipe due to the differential pressure.


It is mixed with diesel or crude oil and applied to the stuck pipe zone. It penetrates the mud cake and disperses it into very fine particles. Once the filter cake is penetrated, Drill Free allows the oil to filter between the formation and the drill string, thus equalizing the differential pressure and pipe becomes free. It is formulated to work in non-weighted mud systems

Physical Properties


Amber Liquid

Flash Point


Pour Point


Specific Gravity

1 Approx.

Recommended Treatment

The recommended dosage is 2-3 gallons of Drill Free to 1 barrel of diesel oil.


Hazard Identification
  • Non-hazardous to living organism and environment.

  • Does not irritate human skin
  • Non-toxic

  • Non flammable

  • Biodegradable

  • Not for human use

Drill Free does not have a restricted classification for transportation by regulatory agencies. It is a non-combustible product.

Spilled material may cause slipping. It can be washed with a stream of water or can be absorbed with absorbing agent like saw dust or sand.   

First Aid 
On Skin contact: Wash with plenty of water and soap
On contact with eyes: immediately wash affected eyes under running water and consult an eye specialist
Drill Free should be stored in a clean and dry environment.

55 Gallons Steel Drum.