Non Silicone Antifoams


Antifoam WD-100 is a highly efficient product specially produced by dispersion of synthetic waxes & surfactants in mineral oil.


WD-100 is suitable for various processing industries where very high efficiency level is required in adverse conditions such as:

  • Liquid & Powder Detergents.

  • Paints

  • Paper

  • Drilling Muds

  • Pigment Grinding

  • Textiles & Dying

  • Concrete & Concrete Admixtures

Antifoam WD-100 is dispersible in water. It can be used as such or can be diluted with water as per application requirements. Diluted product should be used within 24 hours.  
Spilled material may cause slipping if wet. It can be washed with a stream of water. 


Typical Properties

Dry Particle Size

80% < 200 mesh

Wet Particle Size

80-90% < 0.5 micron

Residue 75 microns

4% max.


10% max.



Foaming is a complex phenomenon and as such, pilot testing should be done for maximum efficiency.

Storage & Shelf Life

The product should be stored below in room temperature. With time, settling of product may occur, however, product can be used after stirring the container. Shelf life in closed container is 1 year.


30 Kg Jerry cans, 120 & 200 Kg plastic drums


Technical Services 
Any further technical information can be obtained from our technical staff via phone, fax or email.