Kwick Seal

It is a mixture of fibrous, flaky and granular materials, that quickly bridges and seals off fractures, vugs and porous zones. It is an inert material and does not interact with drilling fluid components. It is unaffected by crude oils or brines.

It provides excellent loss circulation control without damaging rheology in all conventional drilling fluids especially where formation is cavernous. It is non-toxic, non-damaging to formation and can be pumped through any size bit nozzle without blocking.

Physical Properties


Fibrous, Flaky & Granular


Hazard Identification
  • Non-hazardous to living organism and environment.

  • Does not irritate human skin.

  • Non-toxic.

  • Not for human use

Kwick Seal does not have a restricted classification for transportation by regulatory agencies. It is a non-combustible product.

Spilled material can be washed with a stream of water.

First Aid 
On Skin contact: Wash with plenty of water and soap

On contact with eyes: immediately wash affected eyes under running water and consult an eye specialist.

Kwick Seal should be stored in a clean and dry environment.

25 Kg. Paper sacks with polyethylene inner lining. Shrink-wrapped, strapped & palletized.