Higel Optimum

HIGEL OPTIMUM is a sodium bentonite conforming to API standard specifications except filtrate loss. It yields 90 to 100 barrels of mud of 15 cps. per ton of bentonite.

HIGEL OPTIMUM is recommended for all drill holes where low filtrate properties of bentonite are of less importance.. 

Mud Tests

6½ % HIGEL OPTIMUM Mud aged 24 hours


Fann viscometer 600RPM,  cps.

15 cps. min

 Marsh Funnel  Viscosity

40 sec. /1000 cc

 Filtrate Loss as  100 psi,  30 min

18-20 cc



Physical Properties
Dry Particle Size

80% < 200 mesh

Wet Particle Size

80-90% < 0.5 micron

Residue 75 microns

4% max.


10% max.


Hazard Identification

  • Non-hazardous to living organism and environment.

  • Does not irritate human skin.

  • Non-toxic.

  • May cause slippage if wet

  • Not for human use.

HIGEL OPTIMUM does not have a restricted classification for transportation by regulatory agencies. It is a non-combustible product. 

Spilled material may cause slipping if wet. It can be washed with a stream of water.  

First Aid 
On Skin contact: Wash with plenty of water and soap  

On contact with eyes: immediately wash affected eyes under running water and consult an eye specialist.

HIGEL OPTIMUM should be stored in a clean and dry environment.

50 Kg. Polypropylene bags 
25 Kg. Polypropylene bags 
25 Kg. multi-wall paper bags.