Drilling Defoamer

Defosil S-30 is a silicone based fluid defoamer with broad application in drilling fluids. It is capable of removing entrapped air from all types of water base mud at high temperature (above 200oC).

It has wider range of application in controlling foaming tendencies in sea water and polymer fluids as well. Defosil S-30 can be added directly to mud system.

Physical Properties



Specific Gravity

1 Approx.


Non flammable

Whether effective at 200oC+


Dosages for sever foaming in KCl, PHPA system (SG 1.70)

0.1 % to 0.9 % (v/v) max. Depending upon the nature and severity/ of foam

Chemical nature

Dispersion of highly effective silicone defoaming agents of various types in water

Flash Point

100oC Approx

Pour Point


Boiling Point

> 100oC

Recommended Treatment

The treatment of the Defosil S-30 depends mainly on the nature of base fluid, type of foam, and severity/stiffness of foam. Normal dosage can vary from 0.1% to 0.9% (v/v) of the drilling fluid, depending upon the actual requirements at site


Hazard Identification
  • Non-hazardous to living organism and environment.

  • Does not irritate human skin.

  • Non-toxic

  • Non flammable

  • Biodegradable

  • Not for human use

Aquadet does not have a restricted classification for transportation by regulatory agencies. It is a non-combustible product.
Spilled material may cause slipping. It can be washed with a stream of water or can be absorbed with absorbing agent like saw dust or sand. 

First Aid 
On Skin contact: Wash with plenty of water and soap.

On contact with eyes: immediately wash affected eyes under running water and consult an eye specialist.
Aquadet should be stored in a clean and dry environment. 


55 Gallons Steel Drum